10 Most Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What is a Massachusetts Notary Public?

      An individual that meets the state's requirements, appointed

      by the Commonwealth and obtains a commission to

      administer oaths, to verify the authenticity of signatures and

      a signers identity on many types of documents.

2. What are the ID requirements?

     Unexpired original government issued photo ID,

     e.g. driver's license issued by Mass DMV, original U.S. 

     passport or identification card (call for other acceptable forms).

3.  What forms of payment are accepted from MMN?

     All major credit cards; Visa, MasterCard, American Express,

     Discover, cash and approved checks.

4.  Are there special considerations for hospital signings?

     Yes, a minimum fee may apply, ID requirements and waiting

      times are reviewed in advance.


5.  Do you offer Apostille services?

     Yes, limited services. Please email requests.

6.  Should documents be signed prior to appointment?

     Please complete all forms except signatures and areas to be  

      notarized which must be signed in the presence of the notary.

7.  Why do I need to sign a journal when notarizations are  


     Masschusetts requires all commissioned notaries to maintain  

      a state approved journal and a record of all notarial acts.

8.  Will I be charged if notary arrives and signing does not

     take place?

     Yes, unless by mutual agreement.

9.  What is a Mobile Notary?

     Travels to a mutually agreed upon location, offers convenient 

      service hours including nights and weekends.

10. Can we schedule appointments via email?

      Absolutely, email appointment requests and other questions.


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